salaryman – sydney

Salaryman has that warehouse/industrial chic vibe that is so in vogue at the moment – plain walls, no patterns – and has also employed what must be one of the most overused, and I’ve have to say, quite effective, feature wall styles, ‘the north Asian chick’. She could be Japanese, she could be Korean. She’s a little bit hip, a little bit edgy. She draws your eye. And let’s face it, she’s a sure-fire Instagram hit.

The food was good too – we particularly enjoyed the Prawn Toasts, which I would have to say were the best Prawn Toasts I’ve ever had. I think we were told that there were four different sauce types on them, plus lots of bonito flakes. The brussel sprouts were also fabulous – it’s hard to go wrong with brussel sprouts imho, but some restaurants make them too salty – not Salaryman. And there was an interesting dish with a hard cheese, toast and persimmons. I also enjoyed the Battle Of Bosworth Shiraz. I’d give the Octopus and chick pea main a skip if I was to go back. And the music, at least on the night we were there, was shocking. Elton John? Total Eclipse of the Heart? That awful Beds Are Burning song? Please.

Overall rating – 8.5/10